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wind-resistant - All of our shade sails compensate for wind and strong gusts.

windsichere Sonnensegel

All of our shade sails are equipped with C4sun's own weight-controlled wind pressure reducing system - our patented new invention. They are also designed with a special 3D dome shape - another one of our patented inventions.

These two cutting-edge features mean that the sturdiness of our shade sails is unparalleled on the market.

The shade sail compensates for gentle gusts of wind with small, gentle movements. When the wind is gusting heavily, the sail simply gives, before reverting back to its original shape. Wind never causes fluttering or flapping. The forces acting on the sail are offset by our unique design, including tensioning weights, guiding tracks and hoisting cables.

This design not only avoids material breaking due to excess strain but also has the effect of reducing potential damage of the material. As a result, they are significantly more durable compared to conventional tensioned sun sails.